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HONDA Civic Hatch is Back & Better than Ever!


Although our trade here at Cowley Motors is the sale and trading of quality used cars in Cape Town, Parow and the Northern Suburbs,we love to bring you the latest in vehicle concepts and production, because even though the production of these vehicles are some time away, they too could hit our showroom floor at any time in the future.


Honda is taking their Civic Hatchback to another level and it is going to be revealed at the Geneva Show in early March. They have released a sneak peak of the car concept to get us all talking and it has worked. They haven't revealed too much however, it is enough to give us hope for the future of the Honda Civic Hatchback, which could resemble The Type-R released in Australia recently.

One thing it has revealed, through its sporty styling, is its central twin exhaust and rear diffuser. We are teased with the exterior, however, the interior remains a mystery, and that was intentional.Unlike the previous Civic Hatchbacks, this new one will be integrated and built upon the global platform to bring consistent quality and a better driving experience to all customers across the globe,much like how we strive to give our customers a memorable test driving and sales experience here at Cowley Motors

Honda has invested 200 million Pounds into its Swindon plant, which is where their current Honda Civics are made. In order to bring their Civic compact car into the worldwide market, this investment is aiding their hope to shift their Swindon plant Canada. They will transform their architecture from a regional to a global one. Not only will this take the car to the world but it will also lower their overall production costs, according to Honda, making it less expensive and accessible to more customers.

There are high hopes for this new Honda Civic Hatchback and they are making sure to keep us in suspense by revealing very little detail. All we can say is that we are excited about the future of the Honda Civic here at Cowley Motors, are you?