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Luxury Used Cars for Sale in Parow, Western Cape

If you are looking for a unique quality used car, Cowley Motors is the place to come. Based in Parow in the Western Cape we have a wide range of luxury used cars in great condition. We specialize in late-year model classic vehicles, but are determined to only sell the best, so you can be assured you are purchasing quality used cars when you buy from us.

Featured Cars

We have a wide range of used cars on sale here at Cowley Motors. As such, to make it easier for you to find the cream-of-our-crop we feature the best cars we have available right here every week. See our top five featured luxury used cars below and click on the ‘view more’ button to see images,specifications, extras and our comments.


Blog Articles

From buying to maintenance tips, let our blog keep you informed on everything you need to know about motoring in SA. We also have our latest news and events loaded for you to catch up on. You can also like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our specials and information.

HONDA Civic Hatch is Back & Better than Ever!


Although our trade here at Cowley Motors is the sale and trading of quality used cars in Cape Town, Parow and the Northern Suburbs,we love to bring you the latest in vehicle concepts and production, because even though the production of these vehicles are some time away, they too could hit our showroom floor at any time in the future.


Honda is taking their Civic Hatchback to another level and it is going to be revealed at the Geneva Show in early March. They have released a sneak peak of the car concept to get us all talking and it has worked. They haven't revealed too much however, it is enough to give us hope for the future of the Honda Civic Hatchback, which could resemble The Type-R released in Australia recently.

One thing it has revealed, through its sporty styling, is its central twin exhaust and rear diffuser. We are teased with the exterior, however, the interior remains a mystery, and that was intentional.Unlike the previous Civic Hatchbacks, this new one will be integrated and built upon the global platform to bring consistent quality and a better driving experience to all customers across the globe,much like how we strive to give our customers a memorable test driving and sales experience here at Cowley Motors

Honda has invested 200 million Pounds into its Swindon plant, which is where their current Honda Civics are made. In order to bring their Civic compact car into the worldwide market, this investment is aiding their hope to shift their Swindon plant Canada. They will transform their architecture from a regional to a global one. Not only will this take the car to the world but it will also lower their overall production costs, according to Honda, making it less expensive and accessible to more customers.

There are high hopes for this new Honda Civic Hatchback and they are making sure to keep us in suspense by revealing very little detail. All we can say is that we are excited about the future of the Honda Civic here at Cowley Motors, are you?

24 Feb 2016READ MORE
Out With The Old & In With The New

It is 2016 and we are all beginning our new journeys. The motor industry is doing the same by kicking off 2016 with a bang by releasing new cars and concepts at car shows across the world. The companies have not let us down and there is so much to look forward to in the future.

Ford released their 2016 Ford Focus RS and it is phenomenal. Although the RS has a similar look to previous models, it has a new feel with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, as it can reach 60mph in less than 5 seconds. Not only is it a great road car but it also has drift mode, among many other features, therefore ticking boxes that previous models did not. 2016 looks bright and so exciting for the Ford Focus range.



BMW is never one to ever let the fans down. They have created a 7 Series with some key changes. It has grown over an inch in length and has altered a few designs in its structure.

They also have slimmed it down by 190 pounds but then have loaded it with the latest technology, making it a car that all BMW lovers will without a doubt love and appreciate the small changes and upgrades.


Finally, the Chevrolet Cruze has been reintroduced in a new and improved model for 2016.It is the highest selling car for General Motors and thus they ensured they did not step too far away from the original. However, there was a smoothing of the angles process as well as an overall increase in the wheelbase in order to create space in the back seats and trunk.

In previous models this was an issue for many Cruze drivers. Chevrolet are listening and adapting to ensure client satisfaction and we all can appreciate it as we take on the New Year.To see our range of used cars and quality vehicles, check out of our showroom!

12 Feb 2016READ MORE
Back to Basics: Tips When Buying Your Next Car

Back to Basics: Tips When Buying Your Next Car


So many people dive into buying a used car without taking the time to really understand their purchase and the commitment they are making. It is so important to read these tips and guidelines in order to be fully equipped before you step into your next motor commitment.


One of the most important steps is using the internet. It is a great tool to use to your advantage in this process. Do your research, check out our showroom. Find out what kind of used vehicle you’re looking for, find out the latest used car deals, and discover the best vehicle that will meet your needs.


By doing so, you are able to walk into the dealership with all the knowledge you could possibly attain without the actual salesman, thus allowing you to make the best,educated decision.


Once you have decided on your used car and done the research, you need to begin to look at the financing options. Look at your own finances and make the deal work for your own situation. If you are trading in your vehicle, understand the process and how best you can use your asset in your next potential car purchase. Ask the salesman and enquire about the various options and specials that could come with that car.This is where it is important to have done your research.


Ask friends and people around you to see what their experiences were. Check out our Facebook for instance. Call our dealership to compare prices in order to ensure you are getting the best deal.


Now this is the fun part. Take the car for a Test Drive.


Embrace it and make sure this purchase is the car for you. Spending your money on a car, SUV or Bakkie is a process and a commitment. Take these tips into consideration and hopefully they will assist you on your next car buying adventure.

25 Jan 2016READ MORE
Fiat Spider Revealed

Taking styling inspiration from the original Pininfarina-designed Fiat 124 that was debuted in November 1966 in Turin, Italy, FCA have taken an excellent donor car, the MX-5Mazda Miata and combined it with a Fiat 1.4-liter turbocharged I-4 engine.

The new Fiat 124 is longer, wider and about half an inch shorter than its donor. The Fiat also has a powerful 160-hp Turbo Charged engine, produces 184 pounds-feet of torque and is about 45 kg’s heavier than the Miata. 

Both the Fiat and Mazda are available with either a six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes. In terms of exterior design, the Fiat has a very distinctive nose that is reminiscent of a late 1960s roadster, with protruding eyes and a hexagonal upper grille to boot. Continuing the ode to the original Pininfarina Fiat 124 is the distinctive tail lamps. and raised areas above the tail lamps.

We can’t wait to see the Fiat Spider hit the streets and hopefully reach our showroom floor!

For more great vehicles that are available right now - and are not still in production - check them out in our digital showroom!

24 Dec 2015READ MORE

The year is coming to a close and the prospect of an unbelievable summer is on the horizon, so there is but one thing to do…ROAD TRIP! Whether you are taking the whole family in your Toyota on an exciting getaway or hitting the road solo in your BMW for an unforgettable adventure there are some essential things one needs to remember for every trip in order to ensure maximum fun and minimal stress.

#1 Show Me the Way

Whether you are embarking on a meticulously planned cross-country journey or just letting the road be your guide an absolute essential for any trip is direction, so remember to pack in your GPS and road maps.


#2 Take The Time To CAR-AOKE (Pun intended)

No road trip can ever be completewithout a cracking playlist. The long drawn out roads make for the perfect opportunityto hone your karaoke skills. It may take a while to decide which songs make thegrade for your trip, but a few firm favourites include; “Take It Easy” by TheEagles, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers, “Shut Up and Dance” byWalk The Moon and George Ezra’s “Budapest”.

#3 Make Sure You Pack Some Padkos

Another absolute essential for any road trip is the packing of sufficient snacks and beverages...also called padkos (translated to ‘road food’).Snacks are lifesavers especially when you have hungry little ones in the carand no food stops in the near vicinity. Snacks and beverages also help give youthat added energy boost to get you to your destination safely.

#4 Plan For Emergencies

Nothing can throw a spanner in the works of your perfect summer road trip quite like ... not having a spanner fora flat tire...or having a breakdown or an injury in the middle of your vacation. So it’s always a good idea to keep a car emergency kit in yourvehicle. A basic kit should include not only vehicle emergency tools, but alsoa First Aid supplies.

#5 SNAP-SNAP Your Journey

Did you really go on that road tripif you don’t have the photo’s to prove it? It’s always a good idea to bringalong your camera, or make sure you have enough space on your smartphonebecause you never know when a beautiful moment can occur along the road thatyou’d like to capture forever.

For longer stints on the road,essentials such as blankets, pillows, extra clothes, toiletries and electricity power inverters become vital for the perfect trip. So with no more excuses,what are you waiting for? Go on, go have yourself that perfect summer roadtrip!

18 Nov 2015READ MORE
Women Driving Safely

Safety on the roads is somewhat of a concern for all drivers, however us women today need to

be increasingly more diligent in our efforts in order to not fall prey to crimes such as theft, high-jacking or assault. Especially in South Africa, women should take extra special precautions in order to ensure their safety when driving on their own. Take a look at our list of top 5 safety tips for women driving on their own:

1. Lock, Lock, Lock those doors!

 Whether you’re driving down the street or going on a long-haul excursion, the first thing you should do once you get into the car is lock your doors. Additionally, place any valuables hidden beneath the seat.


2. Charge it up!

 Always ensure your cellphone is fully charged before you embark on your drive, or at the very least have a car charger handy in case of emergencies. The last thing you want is to have a crisis with no means of communication.


3. Keep Driving, sister!

Do not, I repeat, do not pull over for anyone when driving alone at night. Yes, this includes police officers. Pull over the nearest well-lit, public place before stopping and rolling down your window to speak to anyone.

 4. Avoid it like the plague!

 If possible, try to avoid poorly-lit back streets when driving at night and stick to larger, busier streets.


 5. Invite a friend!

For longer trips, try to bring a friend or family member along for the ride! Four eyes are always better than two when it comes to safety and picking out things that just don’t seem right.


       Bonus Tip:


Top it up!

Always make sure you have a minimum of half a tank of petrol before you leave. The thing you would want is to run out in a not-so-safe area!

Although mishaps are sometimes unavoidable, follow these 5 easy safety tips to do your part in keeping yourself safe when driving alone.

Contact us at Cowley Motors for more information.

29 Oct 2015READ MORE
Affordable Cars to Get When You Leave Matric

As the year heads to a close and the matrics head into their finals, as a parent you might be thinking about getting your child their first car. Or you’re a student about to leave school and you want to get your first set of wheels.

But parents and young adults might have very different needs. As a parent, you might want a car that is not only safe but fuel efficient. As a young one, you might want a car that reflects your free spirit and style.

So, if you’re hunting for your first car as you leave high school or are a parent on the lookout for the perfect car to give your child, here is our selection that we think will match their personality and your pocket:

Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 JTD 

Okay, so you’re going to want this car because it’s an Alfa Romeo GT - not because it’s going to get your from A to B. Not only that but it offers great interior space - even for 6 foot tall family of 4 can fit comfortably in the GT.

Nissan NP200 1.6i 

This may seem like a strange addition to a list of cars for students leaving high school but the versatility of the half-ton bakkie outshines its slightly plain appearance. If you or your kids have an outdoor hobby like surfing, are involved in sports or need to haul just a little extra - the NP200 is perfect.

Audi A4 S4 4.2 Quattro

Don’t compromise on speed, space or stylish good looks. Choose this Audi A4 to tick all the boxes. Drive the ultra-exciting Audi A4 and turn heads with this beast on four-wheels.

Volkswagen Golf 5 1.9TDI Comfortline

The VW Golf is a popular starter car and with a Golf 5, you can get a car that not only has the look but offers you an exciting driving experience, with the added fuel efficiency of a diesel engine.

Mercedes-Benz C Sedan 200k Classic A/T

It’s more than just a statement car, you get the design and driving technology that makes these cars so enjoyable to drive and popular amongst parents and young adults alike.

For more great deals on affordable used cars in Cape Town and Parow, visit our showroom or contact us directly on 021 939 6146, and we’ll find the perfect car for you or your kids.

20 Oct 2015READ MORE
VW to Create Smartphones on Wheels

Volkswagen is literally translated into the “people’s car” and has positioned itself as an affordable and comfortable car for the masses. VW now wants to move forward and become more than a people mover, to grow into an automobile manufacturer that pushes the boundaries of technology in the automobile industry to become a “smartphone on wheels”.

The shift has come at a sensitive time, as VW is competing against the giants of technology such as Tesla Motors, Google and Apple, who are putting aside large resources to create the very same product. VW’s vision is to enable fuel efficient (and non-fuel dependant) cars to receive and send data as well as be autonomous, keeping the modern driver (or passive driver) deeply connected with their social & digital environments.

At Cowley Motors, VW’s are always popular. We have many coming and going through our dealership and although we don’t have any electric cars yet, we hope to see some of these pre-owned electric cars and hybrids on our showroom floor, after VW releases these sedans and hatchbacks onto the market. But for now, view our range of traditional VW’s!

28 Sep 2015READ MORE
It’s Live! Welcome to the Launch of Our Brand New Website!

Our team at Cowley Motors would like to share the exciting news of our redesigned website, that is packed full of enhanced features and a better user experience both on desktop and on mobile.

We’ve made it easier to search through our wide range of pre-owned vehicles that range from pristine passenger sedans to commercial workhorses that could take your business to the next level in delivering goods and/or services to your customers.

With all new ventures, we are continually trying to make your visit more convenient and make it even easier to buy used cars to suit your budget. As we roll out new pages and expand on the Cowley Motors online experience, there might be some hiccups - as the end user, please email us if you find a funky link that doesn’t go anywhere (you get the dreaded 404 error) or any enhancements you would like to see!

The Cowley Motors team invites you to start exploring our new site by visiting:

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  • As Cowley Motors moves forward, we would like to thank our new and loyal customers for their support. The site is built for you, to access all our great deals and information.

    For further information, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to email us!

    Many thanks

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